Wearing Rainbow



刻意在公共空間拍攝是為了使本來私密性的事情賦予新意思。過往同志議題總是被標籤藏於衣櫃裡,我們會以「出櫃」來形容公開自己性取向,如同各類有關性的議題總是不能公開暢所討論。我們希望藉此拍攝活動,將作品取名”雕塑的新衣” ,把彩虹旗當成衣裳,出櫃跳躍到公共空間展現,形成一幅有趣的地景照片。







We took this chance to scout and hunt down sculptures that scattered across different areas of the City. The entire series were done in dusk times and sneakily like guerrilla action. Can public sculptures be part of art re-creation? With the question in mind, we carried out this plan.

Taking photograph in public spaces was an expression, bringing something new into issues that is often considered private, like sexual orientation. Homosexuality has always been labeled and described as “hiding in the closet”, we even refer the revealing or to openly discussing one’s sexual orientation as “come out”, same goes to other sex-related agenda – they are simply not for public discussion. We hope, by having this wearable rainbow flag, project some interesting landscape photos reflecting the image of “coming out” in open spaces.

The six-colored LGBT rainbow flag is uniquely hand-made from fabrics of different pattern. We believe even its the same LBGT rainbow, there should still be variations instead of stereotypes. We all have that uniqueness within, everyone should just be glamorously colorful.

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